How do I Title or Patron Browse alphabetically now that the A-to-Z links are removed?

[Interface/Software] With the recent interface update to v5.0.22.42, Auto-Graphics continues to make further changes to hopefully improve their 'Improved Tables' Feature or "tablesorter", such as 'Select Column' options. As they make updates we're continuing to submit feedback from BCUC members to request further improvements.

How can I set-up my live shelf status checks to NOT apply to Blank Request forms?

[Permission/Settings] Included in the update to v5.0.22.42 is the BCUC requested optional feature to disable live shelf availability checking when Borrower libraries submit Blank Request forms.

Why can't I choose a Status Option change on any of the summary pages, such as Pending, in Request Manager?

[Permission/Settings] With the recent interface update to v5.0.22.42, you have the option of choosing which Headings or Columns display within your summary request manager pages.

Why do I get a system error saying INVALID LENDER CODE(S) when I try to check-in a returned item?

[Technical/Bug] This is a known bug related to the new Blocked Lenders list feature within OutLook OnLine. This is due to the lender code(s) in the Borrower library's Blocked Lender list (ILL Admin > Maintain Participant Record > Blocked Lenders) bizarrely affecting the Lender's ability to check-in an item.

How do Reading Centre's submit ILL requests?

[ILL Requests] As of October 2017, Reading Centres can now submit their requests to the BC Public Libraries Branch (BVIL) as logged in patrons. This allows more account permissions, such as cancelling requests and changing passwords, than the previous guest requesting method!


Can I hide fields from my table views?

[Interface/Software] Some browsers may have issues displaying the "Edit Columns" section correctly. Try clearing cookies/cache on your browser and re-starting OutLook OnLine. If the issue persists please contact us with the Browser (eg. Chrome) and Version you are using so we can submit the information to Auto-Graphics.

Why aren't all my statistics reports displaying?

[Permissions/Settings] In 2017 Auto-Graphics has re-organized the statistical reports and moved all reports previously located in ILL Admin to the Statistics tab instead. They've also added some new reports such as the "Stayed Too Long" report. Unfortunately these reports were not automatically displayed to users assigned the ILL Statistics permissions so you may need to activate them manually.

Can I receive customised staff email alerts for particular request status changes such as Conditional notices?

[Permissions/Settings] Staff email alert settings can be customised to send an email notification to let you know about a change of status on your OutLook OnLine requests. For example if you have Patron-Initiated Interlibrary loan requesting activated you can check-off to receive an alert everytime a new request is created. Previously alerts were only available for NEW or all request status changes.

How do I update or change my password?

[Login/Access] It is recommended that you update passwords frequently to increase the security of staff logins. As many staff logins are shared, updating your passwords yearly or during staff changes can increase the confidentiality and privacy of your patron information. Alternatively you can also increase security by creating personalised logins for each staff member instead of sharing generic staff accounts.

How can I block certain lenders from automatically being added to my lender list builds?

[Lender Lists/ERTI] As requested by BCUC members, Auto-Graphics has now added the ability to add any lender codes to a new Blocked Lender list that stops the ERTI smart-build from automatically adding those codes during it's lender list builds. This allows you to have Search Targets/Resources active that may charge fees, so you can continue to search their catalogues, but without the worry that their library code will accidentally be added.


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