How do I change my Theme or Colors especially on my Request Manager?

[Interface/Software] The Theme or Colors of your OutLook OnLine site can be changed when logged in as an Administrator.  Under Staff Dashboard > UX Admin > System Settings > UX Color Options > Theme & Color Settings : Available Themes you can customize a theme just for your library. If you'd like to change the "Highlight Rows" displayed on your Request Manager, please update "Color D" in your theme.

Why can't I request an eBook or a Chapter from an eBook?

[Interface/Software] Many libraries don't allow interlibrary loans of eBooks or eBook Chapters due to licensing restrictions. Submit your request or check with the lender library directly if you have questions about their electronic materials policy.

How can I force my request to go to a particular library if live shelf status isn't working correctly?

[Live Shelf Status] Sometimes the Live Shelf Status availability check fails due to cataloguing issues/mis-matches or system bugs. Please first double-check that the item isn't currently unavailable due to being checked-out, on hold, in process etc. Or is in a location (eg. Reference) or format (eg. eBook) not available for ILL. 

Why can't I cancel or make changes to my request with an ISO Relais library?

[Technical/Bug] If you're unable to Cancel or change the status of a request currently sitting with an ISO Relais library, check the History Information for error messages that may indicate the problem.

Why is the system unable to create my request when I use the Blank Request Form?

[Technical/Bug] The system often has trouble processing Search or Request forms that include any non-english unicode characters in the text of your request. For example, if you submitted a Blank Request Form for the Book "Stress ribbon and cable-supported pedestrian bridges" by the Author "Jiřʹi Strʹaskʹy", the hachek character contained in the Author's First name would cause the form submission to fail and the request would not show up in your Awaiting Approval.

Why is my book loan marked as Complete even though I haven't returned it yet?

In the record display check the Request Type assigned to the item. Returnable (loan) transactions mistakenly submitted as Non-returnable (copy) requests immediately go to Complete once you mark them as Received. For example, if a book request is mistakenly submitted as a serial copy (like a journal article) request. This commonly happens by accident or sometimes master records are incorrectly marked with the wrong material bibliographic type due to cataloguing issues.

How do I tell which records are from a Union Database and which are from a Z39.50 Target/Resource?

[Z-Target] The Z39.50 Search Resources/Targets available to Guests/Patrons and ILL Staff at your library will depend upon your Administrative settings under Staff Dashboard > Pac Admin > Search Resources. Check-out our Configuring Search Targets Display Guide for more information on how to update your search targets/resources.

Do I have to close the pop-ups in the new interface to return to my Request Manager?

[Interface/Software] As of September 21, 2016 there are additional features in OutLook OnLine that allow you to quickly navigate to your desired location without closing your pop-ups or returning to your Staff Dashboard.

You can also quickly return to many last screens by using the "Close" button rather than the close "X" on the pop-up.

What is the difference between the two new search options?

[Interface/Software] With the launch of the new mobile scalable ShareIT interface version 5+, the Staff Dashboard includes a Search box that may be confused with the OutLook OnLine search option. The "Search Staff Dashboard..." box only searches by name for the staff functions/actions available on your dashboard. This can be helpful if you're looking for a particular function, such as the Maintain Participant Record, but can't quickly find the action due to a cluttered dashboard.

How do I edit my Quick Menu?

[Interface/Software] The Quick Menu is available to all logged in Staff accounts under the Staff Dashboard (formerly Staff Menu) and also from anywhere in OutLook using your "heart" icon in the top blue search bar.


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