Why does my Title index search for "Le vol du colibri" not show any results? I know it's there!

Unfortunately in some foreign language Title index searches, the initial articles like "Le" and "Un" are ignored within the Auto-Graphics SHAREit software which results in the search not finding the item correctly. This is known to occur for both French and Spanish language titles and possibly other languages. This search issue has been added to a new feature request for Auto-Graphics and we hope that it will be fixed in the future. 

When you have a foreign language title try searching instead:

My Search Targets are configured correctly but still don't show as defaults when I'm logged in.

[Permissions/Settings] Have you configured your available Search Targets using the Configuring Search Targets Display [PDF] guide available from the Searching and Search Targets section of our website - but your search targets still don't look correct? Click your name in the top right-hand corner to check-out your account settings found under the "Open Your Account" link.

What is Live Shelf Status?

[Live Shelf Status] Live Shelf Status is a check of the circulation Availability (In Library, On Hold, Checked Out etc) of an item at the time a Request is submitted to a Lender.  OutLook OnLine connects directly to the Lender library's Z39.50 server for information about the Holdings (Location & Status) of that item including an up-to-date check that the library actually still owns that exact item.

What are the benefits of Live Shelf Status?

Why is the system rejecting my request with the message "Lender title or author does not match requested title or author - lender XXXX skipped."?

[Live Shelf Status] With Live Shelf Status activated, the OutLook OnLine system not only live checks the Lender library Z39.50 server for the status of the item (Available, Checked Out, On Hold etc) but also double-checks that the Lender library actually owns that exact item by checking the ILS for the catalogue record.

I can see location and status information for my library. Have you activated Live Shelf Status for us?

[Live Shelf Status] The OLOL Admin Centre has been setting up Z39.50 searching and Live Shelf Status checks for as many libraries as possible over the past year.

I'd like to add missing form fields, change the display text or re-order the fields in my Loan Request Form.

[Interface/Software] A new customisable Loan Request Form was launched December 16th, 2015. This form is separately customisable for Staff and Patrons. During this update some of your fields, such as a Branch Picklist, may have gone missing or been moved to a different location. Check the instructions below to re-activate, change or re-order any fields in your Staff and Patron forms.


Why do I still need to upload records to the union databases now that I have our Z39.50 server activated in OutLook?

[Z-Target] Set-up and activation of library Z39.50 servers in OutLook is mainly for the purpose of activating Live Shelf Status so each library can facilitate Patron-Initiated InterLibrary Loans and streamline requesting and not for their use as Search Targets. We currently recommend each library continues to submit at least a yearly upload, if not more, of FTP records to sustain healthy levels of InterLibrary Loans for your institution.

Why are my grouped library results displayed differently from other Institutions?

[Interface/Software] Every library can display their results from the Union Database records (OutLook OnLine, BC ELN Serials, and BC ELN Media) in their own customized groupings or headings.

Why is there a Check Shelf Status link only beside some libraries?

[Live Shelf Status] We're currently in the process of setting up Live Shelf Status, via Z39.50 targets, for many libraries so Patron-Initiated InterLibrary Loans can be activated for most institutions. With Live Shelf Status activated, the OutLook OnLine system live checks the Lender library's Z39.50 server for the status of the item and confirms that the Lender library owns that exact item.

Why do I have requests waiting when I returned from holidays? I thought I set-up my Holiday List correctly!

[Holidays/Closures] Check that you used the latest Setting Holiday/Temporary Closures guide (updated December 2015) to set-up your Holiday List in OutLook.

New! Watch a video [90s ; MP4] on adding Holiday List dates and de-activating PI-ILLs.


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