Why is the system rejecting my request with the message "Item not available - lender XXXX skipped, retry later"?

[Live Shelf Status] We're currently in the process of setting up Live Shelf Status, via Z39.50 targets, for many libraries so Patron-Initiated InterLibrary Loans can be activated for more institutions and requesting can be streamlined.  With Live Shelf Status activated, the OutLook OnLine system live checks the Lender library's Z39.50 server for the status of the item and confirms that the Lender library owns that exact item.

ERTI doesn't seem to combine all the records correctly in my search results?

[Lender Lists/ERTI] When searching and viewing results in OutLook OnLine you shouldn't really see any difference in how items are displayed.  The Enhanced Request This Item (ERTI) Functionality doesn't necessarily combine all the different hits for an item in the displayed search results.  Instead when there are multiple master records for a single item, it should pull all the lenders from the different records when building the Lender List. This should result in fewer lenders missing from the Lender List results.

Why is any, or the wrong, book jacket art displayed in my OutLook OnLine?

[Technical/Bug] Even when "Display Jacket Art" is set to No for the Grid view (in the UX Admin menu), the jacket art continues to be displayed. This is a known issue that has been reported to the vendor. It is expected to be fixed with the 4/13/2015 interface update.

[Interface] Why is the wrong book jacket art displayed? Auto-Graphics needs to pull the jacket art from your official jacket art provider (by default US Amazon). If you use Syndetics, we need to provide your Syndetics account ID to Auto-Graphics.

My browser is inconsistently slow or freezes while Submitting Requests or in Patron Browse (when selecting the Title to get more information about the request).

Requests inconsistently go through after hitting Submit and/or my browser is frequently slow or freezes when I try to submit ILL requests.

This may occur for a variety of reasons including Browser issues or Network issues. If you are unable to login at all and continually see the spinning circle in the upper left corner or an ILL takes hours to submit, your issues are likely related to the communication from your computer or network to Auto-Graphics.

Requests are not processed after hitting Submit.

[Browser] If you find your browser inconsistently submitting requests, or frequently slow or freezing, try clearing your cookies and cache as well as restarting your browser.

Why is my non-returnable article stuck in the Borrower's Received List and doesn't want to enter into Completed correctly?

In the record display check the Request Type assigned to the item. Non-returnable (copy) transactions mistakenly submitted as Returnable (loan) requests become "stuck" in the system at Received. For example, if a journal article request is mistakenly submitted as a book loan. This commonly happens by accident or sometimes master records are incorrectly marked with the wrong material bibliographic type due to cataloguing issues.

How can my patron pick the Need By Date when the calendar isn't showing?

[Permissions/Settings] Would you like to activate the calendar beside the Need By date so your patron can pick a new date rather than use the default? 

Login with your Staff account and under the Staff Menu choose tab ILL Admin > Maintain Participant Record > Lender Info set the option to "Allow patrons to change need-by date" to Yes. Click Submit to save your changes.

Need By Calendar

How do I set default search targets?

[Permissions/Settings] OutLook OnLine Administrators can follow the instructions in the updated Configuring Search Target Display in OutLook OnLine [PDF] guide to choose which libraries are listed as search targets for patrons and staff.  Set default search targets using the Edit buttons for the individual search resources found in the Staff Menu under the PAC Admin tab Search Resources section.

When I submit a request I get an error message about the Lender string being improperly formatted.

Error Message: There is an error in one or more of the lenders added to the lender list. Each lender must have a library code and days to respond at minimum. Acceptable formats are: LIBCODE, DAYS or LIBCODE, DAYS, CALL NUMBER or LIBCODE, DAYS, CALL NUMBER, CONTROL NUMBER.

Why can't I manually edit the lender list for my request?

It's likely you have Automatic approval activated. When Automatic Approval is turned-on submitted requests are immediately sent to the first lender found when the system automatically smart-builds your lender list. You cannot manually edit the lender string when Automatic approval is checked-off. Login to another account with Automatic approval de-activated to submit your request or un-check Automatic approval within your account.


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