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Check here for recent news, frequently asked questions, and updates from the OLOL Administrative Support Centre including scheduled server upgrades and downtime. Questions for the OLOL Administrative Support Centre? Please contact us!

Recent News

January 15, 2018: Resolved! Our Canadian Server is currently experiencing a runtime error.

The issue has been reported to Auto-Graphics and we hope it will be resolved soon. If you are able to currently access OutLook OnLine we recommend you save your work as it may be lost when the server is re-started. We hope access will be restored within 30 minutes or so. Thank you to everyone who reported the problem!

December 20, 2017: The OLOL Administrative Support Centre at BC ELN is closed for the holidays until January 3rd, 2018. Check the Contact Us page for additional information.


Recent Updates

January 10, 2018: OutLook OnLine will be unavailable Wednesday January 17th between 10PM to midnight for a minor update. Downtime is expected to be 5-15 minutes.

November 30 2017: OutLook OnLine has been successfully updated to v5.0.23.38 but there are currently a few bugs/issues in the new Desktop Delivery feature that need to be resolved by Auto-Graphics before we recommend it's use by patrons.

Lenders: If ILL Staff use the Upload Document feature in OutLook OnLine to attach documents directly to Non-returnable (copy) requests - please read our FAQ about the new "Configure Access Settings" and recommended defaults. Please let us know if you encounter any bugs/issues or have any questions/concerns with the updated version!

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