ILL Admin and Maintain Participant Record

Guides for Administrators using the ILL Admin > Maintain Participant Record module which contains various settings & configuration to manage your OutLook OnLine features.

Check-out our new OutLook OnLine System Health Checklist [PDF] for administrators including our recommended yearly checklist to maintain the health of your OutLook OnLine system as well as an updated Borrower & Lender Workflow overview to highlight optimisations available!

  • Holiday/Temporary Closures Set-up Guide [PDF] - Watch a video [90s ; MP4] on adding Holiday List dates and de-activating PI-ILLs. Closing your library for holidays or another reason such as renovations? Set-up a holiday list to allow your library to be skipped as a lender. Includes turning off patron-initiated ILL requests if desired.
  • Lending Policies Set-up Guide [PDF] Updated! - Configure your library to determine lendable items by material type, eg. DVD. If a request is sent to your library for a non-lendable item, your library will be skipped over as a lender automatically. Want to know if your request was rejected manually or due to a Lending Policy? Check-out our FAQ:
  • Patron-Initiated ILL Setup and Procedures Updated! - Patron-initiated ILL requests allows patrons to search OutLook OnLine and then directly request from a record in the system. Documentation and templates available on setting up Patron & Staff email notifications, suggested privacy disclaimer notices and activating PI-ILLs. December 2017 updated to include recent changes and a section on Guest Patron Request Limits.
  • Expired Requests and Need by (Expiry) Dates - New! Watch a video [7m;42s ; MP4] on Need by (Expiry) Dates. Administrators can update the Need by (Expiry Dates) defaults for Staff & Patrons as well as activate/add a patron Expiry/Need by pick calendar and patron minimums.
  • Statistics in OutLook OnLine Updated! - Includes info and differences on retrieving statistics from each Statistics section Please Note: Statistics previously located in the ILL Admin module have all now been moved into the Staff Dashboard > Statistics tab. Updated March 20, 2017 to include additional information such as the Stayed Too Long report. If all your report options aren't display check-out our FAQ: Why aren't all my statistics reports displaying? to activate additional reports.

Additional guides related to configuration or set-up of your OutLook OnLine can be found in the Setup > Administrator section of our website.

For additional assistance please contact the OLOL Administrative Centre!



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