Requesting Access to AMICUS Online

If you wish to search AMICUS as a resource in OutLook Online, you need to authenticate with a username and password. If you experience problems searching AMICUS, it is likely that your password has expired. To register or re-register with AMICUS, please go to the following site:

Adding AMICUS as a Search Target

For information on how to add search targets in OutLook OnLine, check-out the Configuring Search Targets Display Guide [PDF] or contact the OLOL Administrative Centre for additional assistance.

Updating Your User ID and Password

After you've already added Amicus as a Search Target, you can update/edit your UserID and Password at any time. If necessary, obtain a new password from AMICUS above, and then logged in as an Administrator under Staff Dashboard > Pac Admin > Search Resources > AMICUS - Registered > click the Padlock button to access just a userid pop-up or Edit to access the entire Amicus configuration.

Please contact us if you have any problems updating your Amicus login within OutLook OnLine!

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