Configuring Loan and Copy Forms

June 2016: Please note that the recommendations from July 2015 may be out-dated as Auto-Graphics has made additional updates to the Loan & Copy configuration to allow for patron forms. Check-out our updated Patron-Initiated Interlibrary Loans guide for assistance with customising your Patron forms!

July 2015: Administrators or ILL Staff members with Library SuperUser Permissions in OutLook Online are now able to modify their local ILL request forms. The consortium may have added some elements, given elements a different label, or made the element mandatory. Instructions and examples below may vary from how our consortium has setup the ILL request forms. Contact the OLOL Administrative Support Centre to send feedback on how the forms are configured for our consortia.

  1. Auto-Graphics - Official A-G instructions on configuring loan and copy forms is included in the Configuring ILL Request Forms Guide [PDF].
  2. Libraries Branch - Has also developed recommendations for loan and copy forms used by public libraries:

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