How do I Title or Patron Browse alphabetically now that the A-to-Z links are removed?

[Interface/Software] With the recent interface update to v5.0.22.42, Auto-Graphics continues to make further changes to hopefully improve their 'Improved Tables' Feature or "tablesorter", such as 'Select Column' options. As they make updates we're continuing to submit feedback from BCUC members to request further improvements.

Previously within the Borrower/Lender > Title Browse and Patron Browse staff could click on links from A-to-Z to view titles or patron identifiers beginning with that letter. Unfortunately these individually linked pages did not work well on mobile so A-G has tried to make all results (up to 250) scrollable instead and included search boxes for each column to replace the a-to-z searching.



  • Update your Title and Patron Browse to display "250" items at one time. So far, this setting appears to remain or "stick" as you swap between browse sections.
  • Use the "Title" and "Patron Identifier" search boxes for alphabetical searching instead. For example to view all Titles beginning with "K" type the letter k in the search box. Currently the search should ignore articles (a, an, the) at the beginning of a sentence Title, for example typing "k" below will ignore "the" and find the Title "The kind folk".

    Note: Due to extra spacing or punctuation, there may be times where your best results display by typing just the beginning portion of the Title or Patron Lastname instead.

Ongoing Enhancement Requests:

  • The search doesn't currently ignore punctuation or articles within a Title but we've requested improvements to make the search more lenient especially with regards to punctuation such as colons & commas and extra spacing.
  • We've also requested that additional options, such as "Request Number" be added as a column option to the Patron Browse.
  • We've requested that within the Patron Browse, the Patron Identifier column should display in the first column section.
  • And we've requested they improve the search boxes by making them "sticky" similar to the Index search at the top of the screen with an 'x' to clear searches. As of November 29th, the sort orders should now be "sticky" when you select one.
  • We've requested they improve the speed of the tablesorter search, which can be slow for larger record sets. They've stated this is a limitation of the current software code and are re-coding a completely new version of the software to address issues like this. Tip: In the meantime, try searching directly in a Request Manager category (eg. Request Manager > Borrower > Awaiting Approval) instead as the results are usually much faster due to fewer records to search.

Please contact us if you have questions/concerns about the changes or would like to request additional improvements from Auto-Graphics!


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