How do I collect statistics from OLOL for reporting to BC ELN in January of each year?

[Interface/Software] In January of each year BC ELN requests the collection of statistics from OutLook OnLine to report the number of Copies (Non-Returnables) sent (as a lender) to other BC ELN partner libraries.



Check-out the instructions below on how to retrieve these statistics from OLOL:

  1. Login to your OLOL Admin account. Forgot your account or password? Please contact us for assistance.
  2. Go to Staff Dashboard > Statistics > ILL Statistics > Activity and Request Reports.
  3. Choose the following report options:
    • Select Date Range: Enter in the date range for the entire past year, eg. 01/01/2017 to 12/31/2017.
    • Select Format: Choose HTML.
    • Select Report Type: Check-off the "Lending Activity" report.
    • Click Submit to view the results!

  4. Enter the number of "Copies" that are "Filled" for each post-secondary library code listed in the BC ELN reporting form (check screenshot below).
    • Some sites, such as North Island College (BCOM) and Northern Lights College (BDCN), use multiple codes. When you encounter multiple site codes for the same insituttion combine then into one code in the BC ELN report. For example combine BCOM1-4 under just BCOM and BDCN1-2 under BDCN.
    • Ignore the statistics for any BC Public Libraries as they are not collected by BC ELN.
    • While updating your statistics you may want to also note if there are any "In Process" requests listed that other sites may count as complete depending on when they run the report.
    • For COPPUL full-member sites: Report zero (0) copies filled/sent to other COPPUL full member sites as these ILL numbers are reconciled seprately. Continue to count numbers for affiliate sites.

For additional information and previous years statistics check-out the BC ELN guide here:

Questions or concerns? Contact us for assistance!


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