Why do I get a system error saying INVALID LENDER CODE(S) when I try to check-in a returned item?

[Technical/Bug] This bug should now be corrected as of September 2017! Please let us know if you encounter it again in any future updates.

This is a known bug related to the new Blocked Lenders list feature within OutLook OnLine. This is due to the lender code(s) in the Borrower library's Blocked Lender list (ILL Admin > Maintain Participant Record > Blocked Lenders) bizarrely affecting the Lender's ability to check-in an item.

For example if Creston Public Library (BCRE), who has multiple lender codes such as BVAS activated in their Blocked Lenders list, has borrowed an item from Surrey Libraries (BSUR) with no blocked lenders - Surrey Libraries is accidentally being affected by BCRE's blocked lenders settings and receives the following error:

System Error. ILL Request not successful.

Please contact us with the Request# of the item you'd like to Check In and we can coordinate a work-around to check-in your item until this bug is fixed.

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