My Search Targets are configured correctly but still don't show as defaults when I'm logged in.

[Permissions/Settings] Have you configured your available Search Targets using the Configuring Search Targets Display [PDF] guide available from the Searching and Search Targets section of our website - but your search targets still don't look correct? Click your name in the top right-hand corner to check-out your account settings found under the "Open Your Account" link.

Watch a tutorial on how to add or edit your Search Resources/Targets for both patrons and staff, including updating "Your Favorite Resources". [No sound] Watch Video [7m30s ; MP4]


Each Staff member has the ability to over-ride which resources they want selected by default. First login with your Username/Password then click on your staff name in the top right-hand corner under Open Your Account > Your Settings > Your Favorite Resources. You can select or de-select your default search targets using the check-box next to a resource. Or even show/hide the resource completely using the "eyeball" icon (please note hide/show changes save automatically). This allows each Staff member to customise the display of their Staff account from the generic Staff profile.

After selecting your options click the Save button to submit your changes.

Search targets still not displaying correctly? Please contact us for addtional assistance.


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