How do I submit my out-of-province requests to libraries not included in OutLook OnLine?

[ILL Requests] Currently the OutLook OnLine SHAREit software can only send requests to partner libraries included in our BCUC consortia within British Columbia and the Yukon.

So how can you request items not included in our Union Database (UDB) or ISO partner libraries (eg. SFU)? Currently we're exploring adding outside ISO targets (for example to the University of Alberta ISO-Relais software) and hope to make these new targets available after all partner library ISO targets have been configured first (ongoing). We've also requested feature enhancements to enable sites to use the SHAREit software directly with a peer-to-peer email feature.

In the meantime check-out the workflow tips and suggestions from libraries below and our recommended list of recommended out-of-province catalogues!


How do other libraries request out-of-province items?

New Westminster Public Library (BVI):

  • Patron Requests: Patrons submit a paper form for items they're unable to locate within OutLook OnLine.
  • Tracking: Requests are tracked using the paper ILL forms to record notes and the progress of the loan. They are not transferred to OutLook OnLine or another computer system.
  • Lender Libraries: ILL Staff search Amicus, Voilà and Worldcat to locate other Canadian lender libraries with the item.
  • Communications: ILL Staff communicate directly with patrons via their preferred contact and the holding Lender library via email.
  • Tip from NWPL Staff: Use the Library and Archives Canada 'Symbols and Interlibrary Loan Policies in Canada' directory a lot. We check it for other libraries ILL policies, charges for loans, and contact information.

Langara College (BVAL):

  • Patron Requests: Patrons submit an online form for all requests.
  • Lender Libraries outside BC: As a library without an OCLC subscription, Langara College uses OutLook OnLine for their day-to-day services and frequently submits out-of-province requests through online forms in Ontario (OCUL Racer), Quebec (Colombo), and Atlanta Canada (CAUL).  ILL Staff say "In the process of doing ILL requests outside of BC, if I find a library has an online ILL form page, I always a bookmark it in my browser, so that I can request directly from them. If a library uses Relais they will usually let me know and send me the link to their Relais page with a username and login I can use. I always bookmark these pages too for use later on as well."
  • Tips from ILL Staff: When trying to order materials from the USA, just send them a "cold call" email asking them what you want, and include in that email the maximum cost you can pay, and the key statement "If this is not the correct way to do an ILL request with you can you please let me know how". A lot of the academic libraries in the USA have an ILLaid system set up. Some will just create an account for you and enter the info from your email into it, and process your request this way. Other libraries will say you have to use their ILLaid system and will send you a username and password and the link to their ILLaid system webpage. You then have to login and fill out the info yourself and submit it.

Vancouver Public Library (BVA):

  • Coming soon!

More libraries coming soon... Want to share your out-of-province OutLook OnLine workflow with other members? Please contact us and feel free to also use the listservs!


Tips & Suggestions:

  • Search Resources/Targets: Add the new Voilà search target as a weblink for Patrons or a Z39.50 search for Staff within OutLook OnLine. Check-out our FAQ on Amicus & Voilà for additional information on how to do this!
  • PI-ILL: Add a Blank Request form for your patrons to submit requests directly for items unavailable in OLOL. Worried about patrons submitting too many requests? Activate Guest request limits using our FAQ here.


SHAREit (OutLook OnLine) Enhancements:

The OLOL Administrative Support Centre has spoken with Auto-Graphics about adding additional tracking and communication features for out-of-province requesting. Auto-Graphics will be exploring new peer-to-peer out-of-province requesting features next year after the update to Version 6 of the software. Please let us know your suggestions for out-of-province requesting within OutLook OnLine!



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