Why did the request we borrowed go to Overdue so quickly even though we just Received the item?

[ILL Requests] An item we borrowed from another lender has a very short Due Date and has gone very quickly to our Borrower > Overdue during midnight processing.. even though we just Received it! Why did this happen?

  • The request Due Date of an item is usually calculated based on the Lender's Days to Return (eg. 35) set-up in their ILL Admin > Maintain Participant Record.

  • Unless a lender also has a Lending Policy activated under ILL Admin > Maintain Participant Record > Lending and has added a Loan Period there. Then that lending policy loan period over-rides the Days to Return!

  • The system also calculcates the Due Date based on when the Lender Shipped the item and not when you Received it.

For example: If you request a Book from a Lender Library and they have 35 Days to Return set-up; but they also have the Lending Policy "Loan Period" for Books set to 21 and have checked it off for system-use - your borrower request will have a Due Date of 21 days from when the lender Shipped the item!


So how can I check-out another library's "Days to Return" and "Lending Policy"?

  • Search for the lender library under Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Search Library Information using their name or library code and click Submit.
  • The Days to Return will be displayed in the Lender Information on their Library Information page for that code/site.
  • To check-out their Lending Policy also, click on the "ILL Policy Link" hyperlink, on their Library Information page, to pop-up their lending policy. This pop-up doesn't say whether their lending policy is just for information or is being used by the system to deflect material format and calculate due dates! Please contact us or the lender library directly to find out.

How can I check-out my own Days to Return and Lending Policy in order to make updates?

If you have activated (checked-off) a Lending Policy for material format deflections (eg. because you wish to deflect DVDs), we recommend you update all the Loan Periods to be the same as your Days to Return. This allows the system to correctly calculate your Due Dates including shipping turn-around times! If you want to also let sites know how long your Loan Period truly is, we recommend updating the "Exceptions, Comments (300 characters max)" field for that format with the real loan period information (eg. 21 days).

Check-out recently updated Lending Policies Set-up Guide for more information.

  • Days to Return, used to calculate Due Date if you don't have a Lending Policy activated (checked-off), is located under your Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Maintain Participant Record.
  • Click the "Lending" hyperlink within your Maintain Participant Record to check-out your Lending Policy also. Your Due Dates for items sent to other borrower libraries will be calculated using your Lending Policy if you check-off "Use my library's lending policies to determine if my library should receive requests of specfic item types. Applies only to 'System Checked' items." checkmark. For example, if your Days to Return are 35 but your Book loan period is 21 days in your lending policy - your Due Dates will be 21 days from Shipped for Books!

Have any questions or concerns or would like some assistance updating your Days to Return or Lending Policy? Please contact us for assistance!


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