Why does Norton anti-virus say OutLook OnLine is dangerous?

[Technical/Bug] Libraries or patrons with Norton anti-virus software installed may receive a warning saying that Auto-Graphics sites <auto-graphics.com> including OutLook OnLine are dangerous to visit!

How do I collect statistics from OLOL for reporting to BC ELN in January of each year?

[Interface/Software] In January of each year BC ELN requests the collection of statistics from OutLook OnLine to report the number of Copies (Non-Returnables) sent (as a lender) to other BC ELN partner libraries.



Check-out the instructions below on how to retrieve these statistics from OLOL:

How can I get help with the Canada Post Shipping tool?

[Technical/Bug] The Canada Post Shipping Tool or Library Materials Shipping Tool <http://libraryshippingtool.ca/en/home/> is administered by the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC).



Can we undo shipped on a Lender request?

[Permissions/Settings] If your library accidentally marks a request as status Lender > Shipped but can't actually deliver the item - there's the option to allow staff to "Undo Shipped" a request! Check-out our User Accounts Setup Tips [PDF] guide for additional information and screenshots or follow the steps below.

Can I upload a document directly to OutLook OnLine for the Borrower library to download?

[ILL Requests] Lender libraries can upload/attach PDF documents, such as digital or photocopy versions of a articles, to a request within OutLook OnLine. Borrower libraries can then download the attached document directly within OutLook OnLine!

Check out the guides with screenshots below for how to upload (Lenders) and download (Borrowers) attachments/documnts or watch the new videos for a quick overview:

Can our library set the idle patron time-out to a specific time?

[Permissions/Settings] Unauthenticated guest patrons are timed-out of any search results after 9 minutes of inactivity. If a patron is idle for 9 minutes they are provided with an alert tone and pop-up counting down their session expiry within 30 seconds. They are given the option to continue the session if desired.

Can I set ILL request limits on my guest patrons?

[Patron-Initiated ILLs] Using Auto-Graphics feature of Patron Categories, it is now possible to set ILL Request Limits on unauthenticated guest patrons.

Request limits can be set by "number active", "number per week", or "number per month". Patron requests are rejected on the basis of their name (Firstname and Lastname) and their Password/PIN entered during the creation of the requests. For more information check-out the guide with screenshots below or the video tutorial!

How do I Title or Patron Browse alphabetically now that the A-to-Z links are removed?

[Interface/Software] With the recent interface update to v5.0.22.42, Auto-Graphics continues to make further changes to hopefully improve their 'Improved Tables' Feature or "tablesorter", such as 'Select Column' options. As they make updates we're continuing to submit feedback from BCUC members to request further improvements.

How can I set-up my live shelf status checks to NOT apply to Blank Request forms?

[Permission/Settings] Included in the update to v5.0.22.42 is the BCUC requested optional feature to disable live shelf availability checking when Borrower libraries submit a Blank Request form. Currently Blank Request forms already by-pass Lender Policies by default but the live shelf check availability by-pass feature is completely optional to Lender libraries.

Why can't I choose a Status Option change on any of the summary pages, such as Pending, in Request Manager?

[Permission/Settings] With the recent interface update to v5.0.22.42, you have the option of choosing which Headings or Columns display within your summary request manager pages. As of November 29th, the sort orders should now be "sticky" when you select one also. For example if you sort by "Req. No." your sorting should remain until you choose another sort order even if you exit the Request Manager.


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