How do I get rid of the social media icons below my book jackets?

[Permissions/Settings] If you don't want certain features to show, such as the Social Media icons (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc) below the book jacket art, you can deactivate them within your UX Admin.

Why is my request being rejected due to a Lender's Policy or Policy Problem?

[ILL Requests] Some lenders reject certain formats or material types such as DVDs or VHS depending on their particular Lender policies. Libraries can do this either manually or automatically by setting up a Lending Policy within OutLook OnLine.

How can I turn on or off the Select Language Google Translate feature within OutLook OnLine?

[Permissions/Settings] Auto-Graphics offers a Select Language feature via Google Translate within OutLook OnLine. This feature can be accessed by clicking on the "globe" to the left of your search box to display over 100 languages to choose.

To activate or deactivate the Select Language "globe" feature:

Why did I receive my physical item or a duplicate item when my request in OutLook OnLine doesn't say Shipped from that lender?

[Technical/Bug] Sometimes you may receive a physical item shipped to your library or duplicate items when a lender library forgets to update a request to Will Supply/In Process and/or Shipped before the request expires into your Retry or moves on to another Lender code to be filled. This can also occur more frequently with ISO-Relais libraries (BSKC, BVAS, BKCC, BVAU and BVIV) as they're unable to send a Relais message to update the request in OutLook OnLine with the Will Supply/In

Can I customise my collapsible Staff Dashboard?

[Interface/Software] As of September 21, 2016 you now have the ability to customise your Staff Dashboard to make one module or section collapsed or open by default (further instructions below for Administrators and ILL Staff). Your Quick Menu is also always open by default.

Why is the Track ILL Requests feature not showing for patrons?

[Patron-Initiated ILLs] While activating Patron-Initiated Interlibrary Loans you can also activate the "Track ILL Requests" feature for guests/patrons next to the Login button/link in OutLook OnLine. This allows guest patrons to create a password when submitting their request and track the progress of their ILLs.

Why are my OutLook OnLine system email messages to patrons being bounced back or blocked?

[Technical/Bug] You may sometimes receive bounced-back or blocked email messages from various Internet providers (eg. Shaw.ca), if you have OutLook OnLine patron system email message notifications activated under your Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Maintain Participant Record > Patron Notices. This unfortunately usually occurs because the email providers have marked OutLook OnLine messages as spam. This may also occur if your own email provider hasn't whitelisted or allowed the OutLook OnLine server's IP addresses.

Why is OutLook OnLine asking Guests/Patrons to Login before they can submit their request or search the catalogue?

[Patron-Initiated ILLs] The last step in activating Patron-Initiated Interlibrary Loans involves checking off the "Guest" option under Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Lender Info > Show Request This Button.

Where can I add my ILL Restrictions now that I've included a Privacy Disclaimer notice on my forms?

[Patron-Initiated ILLs] If you have activated Patron-Initiated Interlibrary Loans and are collecting personal information it's likely you've also added the Privacy Disclaimer notice required by BC Law when collecting personal details (eg. Last Name, Email). Unfortunately this means you may have to move any ILL Restrictions or ILL Disclaimer notices to other places within OutLook OnLine due to the 300 character notice limit.

Why is my request missing the item Title or have an erroneous Title?

[Technical/Bug] Requests may be created with an underscore "blank title" or other title bugs, eg. {BK} or {B}, when a catalogue record has been uploaded that contains multiple 245 MARC Title tags. The system expects that the 245 tag will be unique and unfortunately creates these errors.


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