When I submit a request I get an error message about the Lender string being improperly formatted.

Error Message: There is an error in one or more of the lenders added to the lender list. Each lender must have a library code and days to respond at minimum. Acceptable formats are: LIBCODE, DAYS or LIBCODE, DAYS, CALL NUMBER or LIBCODE, DAYS, CALL NUMBER, CONTROL NUMBER.

Why can't I manually edit the lender list for my request?

It's likely you have Automatic approval activated. When Automatic Approval is turned-on submitted requests are immediately sent to the first lender found when the system automatically smart-builds your lender list. You cannot manually edit the lender string when Automatic approval is checked-off. Login to another account with Automatic approval deactivated to submit your request or un-check Automatic approval within your account.

Why are my requests going straight to Unfilled?

When Automatic approval is turned-on for your account, submitted requests skip the Awaiting Approval stage and are immediately sent to the first lender found when the system automatically smart-builds your lender list. If no lenders are found/added, then the request goes directly to Unfilled.

When I click on "Request this Item" some lenders aren't showing up in the lender list. How do I manually edit my lender list build instead?

[Technical/Bug] This is a known sporadic issue with some records and a variety of lenders (eg. SFU, UBC, and a variety of public libraries) that has been reported to the vendor. It is related to the ERTI smart-build matching algorithms and is currently under review by Auto-Graphics. We hope they will make improvements within 2017!

Add lenders to the list manually instead using the following format:

My library allows patrons to place their own requests but the request button is missing.

[Interface/Software] Patron-initiated requesting is turned off by default. Login with your Administrator account and, under the ILL Admin tab in the Staff Menu, click the Maintain Participant Record section and tick off Guests in the "Show Request This Button" setting line. Click Submit to save your changes.

Guests Request






When I search for an item the SFU, UBC and UVic results always say "No copies currently available".

[Technical/Bug] This is a known issue and occurs if a site, for example UBC, has not activated Live Shelf Status checking. OutLook OnLine can't display their copy information without a live shelf check against their Z39.50 server.

Auto-Graphics is investigating the possibility of hiding this message for sites that find it confusing for patrons or staff. In the meantime, please ignore the error message and place the request anyways!

Why are my search results disappearing or suddenly reporting "zero results" for all searches when I know there are hits?

[Technical/Bug] This is a known issue that has been reported to the vendor. We believe this is due to a Javascript error in the browser. If you find zero [0] results for searches when you know should have hits, refresh your account login by logging out of the interface and logging in again.

Why have different editions of books or item formats (eg. books and music scores) been incorrectly merged into a single master record?

[Technical/Bug] Some cases have been reported of different book editions (publication years are different) or item formats (eg. books & e-books or books & music scores) found erroneously merged under the same master record. A-G has identified an error in the merging algorithm causing this issue.

This error has been fixed! It isn't possible to identify all the errors, but the issue will be resolved when participating libraries strip and reload their records. We expect these problems to gradually disappear over the next few months.

I would like to customise my search interface but I don’t see the UX Admin tab.

[Login/Access] Login with your Administrator account then click the Staff Menu tab to view your UX Admin tab.

UX Admin Tab

[Permissions/Settings] If you still don't see the UX Admin tab in the Staff Menu after logging in with your Administrator account, contact the OutLook OnLine Administrative Centre for assistance turning on the necessary permissions.

How can I make the patron interface default to the Advanced Search screen or a Custom Search?

[Interface] To default to the Advanced Search Screen: Add "#advancedSearch/" to the end of your site-specific URL.

For example:


where XXXX is your SHAREit library code. Thank you to Selkirk College for this tip!


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