How do Reading Centre's submit ILL requests?

[ILL Requests] As of October 2017, Reading Centres can now submit their requests to the BC Public Libraries Branch (BVIL) as logged in patrons. This allows more account permissions, such as cancelling requests and changing passwords, than the previous guest requesting method!

Important Note: As of February 28th, BVIL has de-activated guest patron requesting and all Reading Centres must use their new patron accounts to submit and track requests instead.

So how do I now submit my requests if I'm a Reading Centre? Please follow the instructions below for submitting and tracking your ILLs!

  1. Go to the BVIL OutLook OnLine:
  2. LOGIN with your new Patron account. Please contact us if you've forgotten your account or password.


  3. Search for the item you wish to request. Check-out our Tips for Searching guide here if necessary.
  4. Once you have found the Title or record you'd like to request you can choose or click on the "Request This Item" button to bring up the request form.
  5. Complete your request form and hit Submit. If you are logged in correctly your account details including your Reading Centre code (list of codes below) and password will already be pre-filled.

    When logged in you should only have to choose your Pickup Location and enter your Max Cost (MUST be > zero) then click Submit!

    If you forget your password for your new patron account it can now be reset. Please contact us to request a new password.

  6. To view your current requests, make sure you're logged in according to Step 2 above. Then click your reading centre staff display name in the top right-hand corner, eg. "Janet", and choose Your Transactions > Items from Other Libraries (click "Show hidden requests" if necessary).

    Important Notes:

    • New requests may take some time to show-up in your interface.
    • As a logged in patron you can now request a cancellation via the "Cancel Item" option. Your request will not be cancelled until confirmed by BVIL staff.
    • You can also update your "Need By" date using the calendar - please beware this date calendar updates the live details of the request immediately and if you select a date that's too soon it will expire your request before it can be received/shipped. Recommended you allow at least 4-8 weeks.

Have any questions or concerns? Please contact us directly.

Reading Centre Codes:

  • Dease Lake: RCDL
  • East Shore: RCEA
  • New Denver: RCNE
  • Pender Harbour: RCPE
  • Riondel: RCRI
  • Telkwa: RCTE


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