Why can't I choose a Status Option change on any of the summary pages, such as Pending, in Request Manager?

[Permission/Settings] With the recent interface update to v5.0.22.42, you have the option of choosing which Headings or Columns display within your summary request manager pages. As of November 29th, the sort orders should now be "sticky" when you select one also. For example if you sort by "Req. No." your sorting should remain until you choose another sort order even if you exit the Request Manager.

Another update to v5.0.22.56 also allows you to configure your Borrower and Lender request sides separately. We've requested additional ability to individually configure each Borrower/Lender section further, for example Borrower>Awaiting Approval and Borrower>Pending, but currently any changes you make to your Borrower side tablesorts will apply to all sections under Borrower.

Some columns may not be activated by default after an update but you can easily update them in your tablesorter by clicking on the gear "Select Column" icon and selecting additional options.

For example if the "Status" drop-down options are not displaying in your Will Supply/In Process section:

You can click the gear "Select Column" icon and check-off "Status" to display that column. Changes to these settings should auto-save or be automatically "sticky". Tip: Click the "Select Columngear icon a 2nd time to make the drop-down disappear again!

Please contact us if you have any questions/concerns or encounter any additional issues!


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