Can I hide fields from my table views?

[Interface/Software] Some browsers may have issues displaying the "Edit Columns" section correctly. Try clearing cookies/cache on your browser and re-starting OutLook OnLine. If the issue persists please contact us with the Browser (eg. Chrome) and Version you are using so we can submit the information to Auto-Graphics.

By popular request the SHAREit interface has been updated to include an improved table format or feature they call "tablesort" or "tablesorter". The improvements are not yet available on all tables but the tools/options will appear on additional pages with future updates.

The additional tools and functions in the improved tables are as follows:   

  1. Sorting – Click the up and down arrows to sort the table by data in that column. As of November 29th, the sort orders should now be "sticky" when you select one.
  2. Filtering – The text boxes below the column titles can be used to filter. Begin typing a word or name, and the column will automatically filter to only show those entries that match the text in the filter. More information on filtering and how to search by A-to-Z in our FAQ here:
  3. Edit Columns – Click the "gear icon" in the upper right of the table. Staff can use the check boxes to show or hide the columns that appear in the table. All the sort options that were available previously should now be available via the "gear" icon. Changes to these settings should auto-save or be automatically "sticky". Tip: Click the "Select Columngear icon a 2nd time to make the drop-down disappear again!

More FAQs related to this feature:


Auto-Graphics is still in-progress making improvements to this feature. Please contact us if you encounter any bugs or would like some assistance.


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