Can we undo shipped on a Lender request?

[Permissions/Settings] If your library accidentally marks a request as status Lender > Shipped but can't actually deliver the item - there's the option to allow staff to "Undo Shipped" a request! Check-out our User Accounts Setup Tips [PDF] guide for additional information and screenshots or follow the steps below.

Recommended: As the Status Option: Undo Shipped is rarely used we recommend this permission is only activated on OLOL Admin (Library Superuser) accounts and not necessarily for all staff accounts. Using the Lender > Undo Shipped or Borrower > Cancel Shipped Request status changes may have workflow implications for the currently assigned partner library. We often recommend consulting with the other library before using these status options.



To active this option on an account:

  1. Login as an OLOL Admin and choose Staff Dashboard > User Admin > Edit User Accounts.
  2. Choose User's Type: Library Superuser from the drop-down then Submit to filter to Admin accounts only.
  3. Click on the hyperlinked name of the account you wish to update. A new pop-up window will appear.
  4. From the "Edit User Accounts" window click on the hyperlinked "ILL Permissions" to pop-up a new window.
  5. From the "Maintain ILL Permissions" window check-off the "Undo Shipped Item" option to add this permission.
  6. Click Submit then Close to save your changes.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns!

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