Can I upload a document directly to OutLook OnLine for the Borrower library to download?

[ILL Requests] Lender libraries can upload/attach PDF documents, such as digital or photocopy versions of a articles, to a request within OutLook OnLine. Borrower libraries can then download the attached document directly within OutLook OnLine!

Check out the guides with screenshots below for how to upload (Lenders) and download (Borrowers) attachments/documnts or watch the new videos for a quick overview:

Lenders - Watch a quick video on how to "Upload Document" directly to your request. [No sound] Watch Video [1m:56s ; MP4]
Borrowers - Watch a quick video on how to "Download Attachments" of documents sent with your requests. [No sound] Watch Video [38s ; MP4]



  1. Upload (Lenders): Click the "Upload Document" link to add your copy item directly to a request.

    With the update to v5.0.23.38 on November 29th, this feature has been modified to include download and date range limits as part of the upcoming enhanced Desktop Delivery feature to deliver interlibrary loan copy requests directly to patrons.

    Recommended: When uploading your document directly to OutLook OnLine we recommend you always leave the maximum defaults of 5 download attempts and 90 days expiry to allow the Borrower library flexibility with providing the resource directly to their patrons.

    Use the "Choose File" button to browse to the file on your computer and add a Description (recommend the article or item title) and click Submit to save/upload your document. The maximum access settings should be the default options.

  2. Download (Borrowers): Click the "Download Attachments" link to view all items uploaded to your request.

    A new "Uploaded Files" window will pop-up with all the attached downloads. Click the Download link to save a copy of each attachment to deliver to your patron. Note: With upcoming additionals to Desktop Delivery the patron will be able to download directly from OutLook OnLine!

    Warning: Each time the 'Download' link in the 'Uploaded Files' new window/pop-up is clicked it will count against the maximum number of downloads set by the Lender - default is five (5) clicks. We recommend that ILL Staff try to click the link as few times as possible, such as if staff want to save a back-up PDF, to allow the patron more chances to click the download link


Enhancements & Bugs: Currently the enhanced Desktop Delivery feature still has some bugs that need to be resolved by Auto-Graphics before it's recommended for providing articles directly to patrons within OutLook OnLine patron tracking. There are some remaining issues with copyright notices and patron access that we hope they'll resolve soon.


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