ILL Requests and your Request Manager

Guides for ILL Staff using the Staff Menu > ILL Admin > Request Manager module containing your main functions managing your requests as both a Borrower and a Lender.

Coming Soon! Training videos coming soon with step-by-step workflow process and tips on how to search, request, process and supply requests within the OutLook OnLine Request Manager. Please check-back or contact us for additional information.

Use the Search Now page to search your library-specific OutLook OnLine site.

  • Tips for Searching - Basic tips on how to conduct searches including the simple, advanced, and browse search.
  • ILL Fees - Some libraries charge a fee when loaning ILL items. More information on fees, and tips on how to avoid charges.
  • Requesting from UBC, SFU, UVic, KPU, TRU via ISO [PDF] - Info on ISO 10160/10161 standards that allow different ILL software (eg. Relais) to "speak" to each other. Includes tips on requesting from UBC, SFU, UVic, KPU & TRU via ISO with Relais. RRU is also an ISO site via VDX.
  • ILL Review Feature (Modify Existing Request) - NEW! This feature allows ILL Staff to use the Modify Exisiting Request option to update staff or patron-created requests with new records or automatic lender list re-builds.
  • Multi-copy ILL Requesting (EG. for Book Clubs) - How-to submit a single ILL request for multiple copies of the same title which using the new ERTI algorithm.
  • Requests for Items for Print Disabled Patrons - Libraries can share "talking book" formats that support print disabled patrons with visual or learning impairments or disabilities. Includes info on requesting DAISYs, MP3s, and Audiobook discs and cassettes.
  • Enhanced Request This Item (ERTI) Functionality and the ERTI ILL Request Workflow [PDF] - How the ERTI matching algorithm is used by OutLook OnLine when ILL requests are forwarded to potential lenders on the lender list, including workflow changes.
  • Requesting Access to AMICUS or Voila Online - AMICUS or Voilà can be added as a registered search resource in OutLook OnLine. Learn how to register with Voilà which will replace AMICUS sometime in 2018-19.

Additional guides related to configuration or set-up of your OutLook Online, such as the Configuring Search Targets Display Guide, are now available in the Setup section.

For additional assistance please contact the OLOL Administrative Centre!


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