Administrators or ILL Staff may need to manage multiple OutLook OnLine library codes or logins. Currently if you try to open different Lib Codes or logins in the same browser window or tab each instance of OutLook Online will over-write the other as the system believes they "conflict".

Auto-Graphics only officially supports Firefox & Chrome currently. The latest version of Chrome is their recommended browser. Many functions will continue to work in other browsers such as Safari & Internet Explorer but you may encounter issues as they're unsupported.

What should I do if I need to view multiple OutLook OnLine sessions or sites at the same time?

  1. For occasional instances, such as when you'd like to stay logged into your own library but search the OutLook OnLine site belonging to another library - we recommend you just use two separate browsers rather than install a browser add-on. If you are currently using Chrome to view your own library site try opening up the other library's OutLook OnLine in Firefox instead!
  2. If you frequently need to multi-login or access multiple OutLook OnLine sites or logins at the same time, you can install a browser extension that allows this.
    • Please Note: Any Browser Add-on/Extension could potentially collect your login information or corrupt your browser/system. We recommend you consult with your IT Support Department before installing any extensions.
    • Chrome: Auto-Graphics previously recommended MultiLogin but it has recently started displaying inappropriate advertisements and users have spyware concerns so it's no longer recommended. Some users have found SessionBox useful as other options instead. From within Chrome you can click on an Extension link to check-out the reviews, help and options and install if desired.
    • Firefox: Currently there aren't any add-ons we've tested that have worked with OutLook OnLine correctly. Have a Firefox add-on that works to recommend? Please contact us!
  3. Advice from other Libraries: North Island College also recommends setting up multiple profiles within Chrome. Each profile was named for each campus login and made available on their task bar by their IT Department.
  4. Upcoming: Auto-Graphics recently let us know that the upcoming new version of SHAREit (v. 6) launching late 2018 or early 2019, will include the multi-login ability built right in!

Have an Add-on or Extension you've tested and want to recommend or provide feedback? Please contact us to so we can update our guide with your reviews!


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