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A simple search form box can easily be added to perform a Keyword (All Headings) or Title search of your site-specific OutLook OnLine!

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Watch a quick video on how to add a search widget to your website. [No sound] Watch Video [2m30s ; MP4]


Want to add an OutLook OnLine search widget to your website?

  1. Search Widget Location: Check that you can add an HTML search form to your website including the form, button and input tags. For example, if using Drupal you may need to add these tags as "Advanced Content Filter" exceptions within CKEditor. Note: Search widgets placed on LibGuide pages may not always work correctly due to conflicting widgets.
  2. Search Widget Code Example: Add the snippet of code below to your website. Download the code example here [TXT].

  3. Update Labels or Text: If desired, update the HTML text and labels to display different text or tips. For example change "Search OutLook OnLine Catalogue" to "Search for Interlibrary Loans". Or change your button display text to say "Search" instead of "Submit".
  4. Update Search Index: The code example above currently performs a Keyword "kw" All Headings search of OutLook OnLine. If you'd like to search by Title instead change "kw" to "title". More search options and codes, such as author and isbn, available in our OpenURL Search guide [PDF] from our Setup page.
  5. Update SHAREit LID Code (mandatory): Update the code to include your site-specific SHAREit LID code. For example Kwantlen Polytechnic University would replace value="ZZZZ" with "BSKC".
  6. Test your results: Publish your search form and test the results. If you receive a message saying "An error has occurred processing your request; the most likely cause is a bad LID." double-check that your site-specific LID library code is entered correctly.

    Note: You may wish to change or add additional HTML in order to format your form further. For example our code snippet opens the search in a new browser window with target="_blank" and you may want to remove that to open search results in the same window.

  7. Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for additional Search Widget options. We'd love to see what you're doing to make OutLook OnLine more accessible!


Please let us know if you encounter any questions/concerns when adding a Search Widget to your websites.



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