Questions related to technical issues or bugs.

Why does Norton anti-virus say OutLook OnLine is dangerous?

[Technical/Bug] Libraries or patrons with Norton anti-virus software installed may receive a warning saying that Auto-Graphics sites <> including OutLook OnLine are dangerous to visit!

How can I get help with the Canada Post Shipping tool?

[Technical/Bug] The Canada Post Shipping Tool or Library Materials Shipping Tool <> is administered by the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC).



Can I upload a document directly to OutLook OnLine for the Borrower library to download?

[ILL Requests] Lender libraries can upload/attach PDF documents, such as digital or photocopy versions of a articles, to a request within OutLook OnLine. Borrower libraries can then download the attached document directly within OutLook OnLine!

Check out the guides with screenshots below for how to upload (Lenders) and download (Borrowers) attachments/documnts or watch the new videos for a quick overview:

Why do I get a system error saying INVALID LENDER CODE(S) when I try to check-in a returned item?

[Technical/Bug] This bug should now be corrected as of September 2017! Please let us know if you encounter it again in any future updates.

Why aren't all my statistics reports displaying?

[Permissions/Settings] In 2017 Auto-Graphics has re-organized the statistical reports and moved all reports previously located in ILL Admin to the Statistics tab instead. They've also added some new reports such as the "Stayed Too Long" report. Unfortunately these reports were not automatically displayed to users assigned the ILL Statistics permissions so you may need to activate them manually.

Why does my Multi Copy Statistics report say that multi-copy requests were created zero times when we know we used it?

[Technical/Bug] The new Multi Copy Statistics can be found under Staff Dashboard > Statistics > ILL Statistics > Activity and Request Reports > Select Report Type: Borrower Activity for a specific date range. At the top under the first "Grand Totals" section, you'll see the Multi Created and Multi Requests sections last.

Why did I receive my physical item or a duplicate item when my request in OutLook OnLine doesn't say Shipped from that lender?

[Technical/Bug] Sometimes you may receive a physical item shipped to your library or duplicate items when a lender library forgets to update a request to Will Supply/In Process and/or Shipped before the request expires into your Retry or moves on to another Lender code to be filled. This can also occur more frequently with ISO-Relais libraries (BSKC, BVAS, BKCC, BVAU and BVIV) as they're unable to send a Relais message to update the request in OutLook OnLine with the Will Supply/In

Why are my OutLook OnLine system email messages to patrons being bounced back or blocked?

[Technical/Bug] You may sometimes receive bounced-back or blocked email messages from various Internet providers (eg., if you have OutLook OnLine patron system email message notifications activated under your Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Maintain Participant Record > Patron Notices. This unfortunately usually occurs because the email providers have marked OutLook OnLine messages as spam. This may also occur if your own email provider hasn't whitelisted or allowed the OutLook OnLine server's IP addresses.

Why is my request missing the item Title or have an erroneous Title?

[Technical/Bug] Requests may be created with an underscore "blank title" or other title bugs, eg. {BK} or {B}, when a catalogue record has been uploaded that contains multiple 245 MARC Title tags. The system expects that the 245 tag will be unique and unfortunately creates these errors.

How do I change my Theme or Colors especially on my Request Manager?

[Interface/Software] The Theme or Colors of your OutLook OnLine site can be changed when logged in as an Administrator.  Under Staff Dashboard > UX Admin > System Settings > UX Color Options > Theme & Color Settings : Available Themes you can customize a theme just for your library. If you'd like to change the "Highlight Rows" displayed on your Request Manager, please update "Color D" in your theme.


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