Training Guides & Sessions

Checkout our new Basic or Refresher Workflow video guides available below:

Request Manager Workflow
Manage Borrower Requests Manage Lender Requests
  • Basic Borrower Workflow [12m:31s ; MP4 demo ; no sound]
  • Conditional Borrower messages [Coming soon]
  • Unfilled/Retry Requests [Coming soon]
  • Basic Lender Workflow [6m ; MP4 demo ; no sound]
  • Conditional Lender messages [Coming soon]
  • Lost or Overdue [Coming soon]


The OutLook OnLine Administrative Support Centre also offers a wide-variety of additional training guides & options.

  1. Print & Online Guides/FAQs: Our custom consortial FAQs and guides are available in PDF or HTML format directly from our website. Auto-Graphics also has extensive documentation available from within your Staff Dashboard > Documentation > User Guides.
  2. Recorded Video & E-learning: We are in the process of adding new quick demonstration videos and e-learning training options for those that prefer to learn visually. Search for your topic on our site or consult the list below for a video tutorial. Auto-Graphics also has extensive video documentation available from within your Staff Dashboard > Documentation > Training Videos.
  3. Live Webinars: Additionally we offer live webinar training sessions by request. Contact us if you would like to schedule a live webinar (using Blackboard Collaborate - no download required) training session.
  4. In-person Training: Available in the Lower Mainland BC by request. Just contact us!

Check-out a list of our new video and e-learning guides below! And also look for the icon embedded directly in our FAQs and Guides.

  • Create a Chrome Bookmark [2m ; MP4 demo] - Create or update your Chrome Bookmark to always redirect to your OutLook OnLine using your site-specific URL. For an in-depth guide, including Firefox & Internet Explorer, check-out the Creating Bookmarks for OutLook OnLine [PDF] document available.
  • Holiday List Dates & PI-ILLs [1m:30s ; MP4 demo] - Update your OutLook OnLine Holiday List with your closure dates and/or suspending Patron-Initiated requesting. For an in-depth guide check-out the Setting Holiday/Temporary Closures [PDF] document available.
  • Notices (Privacy Disclaimer & ILL Restrictions) [4m:15s ; MP4 demo] - Update your OutLook OnLine guest patron form notices to include a required privacy disclaimer notice as well as optional ILL restriction/status notices such as within a Footer. More information in our FAQ here and our PI-ILL guides.
  • Patrons & Desktop Delivery [3m:24s ; MP4 demo] - Libraries can configure Patron Email Notices to deliver a direct download link to their PI-ILL patrons. More information available in our FAQ.
  • Upload Document [1m:56s ; MP4 demo] - Lender libraries can upload/attach PDF document(s), such as digital or photocopy versions of a articles, to a request within OutLook OnLine. More information available in our FAQ.
  • Download Attachments [38s ; MP4 demo] - Borrower libraries can then download the attached document directly within OutLook OnLine. More information available in our FAQ.
  • Guest Patron ILL Request Limits [3m:42s ; SWF] - This tutorial includes sound with additional tips! Check-out this e-training tutorial to learn how to implement guest patron interlibrary loan request limits within OutLook OnLine. More information also available in our FAQ.
  • Mis-match Live Shelf Status Errors [HTML5 tutorial] - Coming soon! More information available in our FAQ.
  • Social Media Icons [2m ; MP4 demo] - Libraries can deactivate the Social Media icons for Patrons/Guests and/or Staff if desired. More information available in our FAQ.
  • Search Widget [2m:30s ; MP4 demo] - Libraries can add a direct OutLook OnLine search widget to their web pages (LibGuides, Moodle and more!) using our HTML code example. More information in our FAQ.
  • Blank Requests & Live Shelf Status [2m ; MP4 demo] - Lender libraries, with Live Shelf Status (LSS) checks activated, can now deactivate availability checking on Blank Requests submitted by Borrower libraries. More information available in our FAQ.
  • Blocked Lenders List [1m:30s ; MP4 demo] - Add any lender codes to a new Blocked Lenders list that stops the ERTI smart-build from automatically adding those codes during it's lender list builds. For example, add the code for any fee-based libraries! More information also available in our FAQ.
  • Search Resource/Target Configuration [7m:30s ; MP4 demo] - Update your Search Resources/Targets available to patrons and/or staff! Add Out-of-Province search targets, update Amicus/Voilà account information, customise your personal account settings, and more. Also available in our Search Target/Resource Configuration Guide [PDF].
  • Don't see a topic covered here yet? Search our site for a print or online guide instead and contact us to request we add your topic as an e-learning video as soon as possible.

Library Technician Instructional Programs - please contact us directly for assistance with SHAREit training sites available for your students.



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